May 21

Section A – AURA Organization, Structure, and General Policies

I. AURA ORGANIZATION A. Mission B. Role and Responsibilities of the Member Representatives C. Role and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors D. Role and Responsibilities of the Management Councils II. ROLE, RESPONSIBILITIES, AND RELATIONSHIPS OF THE PRESIDENT OF AURA A. Role B. Specific Functions C. Administrative Reporting III. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CENTER […]

May 20

Section B – Personnel Policies and Procedures

Introduction AURA is deeply committed to the human resources that support our mission to advance astronomy and related sciences and is deeply invested in continually developing and improving its policies and practices for the purpose of providing a welcoming and fruitful work environment for all employees. AURA believes that a diverse workforce, particularly one that […]

May 19

Section C – AURA Financial Policies and Procedures

I. CORPORATE INVESTMENT GUIDELINES A. Policy B. Operating Funds C. Reserves D. Investment Instruments II. CORPORATE COMMITMENT AND SIGNATURE AUTHORITY A. Policy B. Procedures III. CERRO TOLOLO INTER-AMERICAN OBSERVATORY CORPORATE VEHICLE FLEET (CTIO CVF) A. Policy B. Procedure IV. AURA FUND RAISING POLICY A. General B. Procedures and Guidelines C. Coordination D. Oversight V. AURA […]

May 18

Section D – AURA By-Laws

I. ARTICLE I A. Membership II. ARTICLE II A. Member Representatives III. ARTICLE III A. Meetings of Member Representatives IV. ARTICLE IV A. Board of Directors V. ARTICLE V A. Management Councils VI. ARTICLE VI A. Nominating Committee and Special Nominating Committees VII. ARTICLE VII A. Other Committees VIII. ARTICLE VIII A. Officers IX. ARTICLE […]