Jun 1

AURA Audit Committee

Committee Charter (pdf) Kimberly Andrews Espy University of Texas at San Antonio Caroline Garcia University of Arizona  Gregory L. Geoffroy Iowa State University Elizabeth Hoffman (Vice Chair)  Iowa State University Barbara Lam (ex officio)  AURA Duc Ma Univeristy of Arizona Warren Madden (Chair)  Iowa State University  Peter Schiffer Yale University  Stein Sture University of Colorado

Sep 27

AURA Board of Directors

Composition and Roles The Board, which meets three times a year, establishes the policies of AURA, approves its budget, elects members of the Management Councils, and appoints the President, the Center Directors, and other principal officers. The Board of Directors is responsible to the Member Representatives for the effective management of AURA and the achievement […]

Sep 26

AURA Management Council for the Rubin Observatory (AMCR)

Council Charter (pdf) The AMCR provides oversight and advocacy for the management of the Vera C. Rubin Observatory. Daniel Akerib (ex officio) Particle Physics & AstronomyStanford University Stuartt Corder The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array Brenna Flaugher Fermilab Suzanne Hawley Department of AstronomyUniversity of Washington David MacFarlane Particle Physics and AstrophysicsSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Lucas Macri […]

Sep 23

Solar Observatory Council (SOC)

Council Charter (pdf) The SOC provides oversight for the National Solar Observatory (NSO). Christoph Baranec University of Hawaiʻi Doug Biesecker National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Terri Fiez University of Colorado at Boulder Jeff Hall (Chair) Lowell Observatory Jason Jackiewicz New Mexico State University Feng-Chuan Liu TMT International Observatory James Mason Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space […]

Sep 20

NOIRLab Management Oversight Council (NMOC)

Council Charter (pdf) The NMOC and each of its members are trustees and advocates to the AURA Board for the mission of NSF’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory. The NMOC provides stewardship and management oversight of NSF’s NOIRLab and gives support and advice to AURA on important policy and management matters. Roberto Abraham University of […]

Sep 19

Space Telescope Institute Council (STIC)

Council Charter (pdf) STIC provides oversight and advocacy for the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). Martin Barstow (Chair) Institute of Space & Earth Observation/Physics & Astronomy University of Leicester Daniela Calzetti (Vice Chair) Department of Astronomy University of Massachusetts Claude Canizares Massachusetts Institute of Technology Elizabeth Cantwell University of Arizona Orlando Figueroa Orlando Leadership Enterprise, […]

Sep 18

Nominating Committee

Sarbani Basu Yale University Sarah Gibson UCAR Catherine Pilachowski Indiana University Wanda Sigur Independent Consultant David Silva University of Texas at San Antonio