Jul 22

Maunakea Observatories Open Letter

Maunakea Observatories issued an open letter intended to share their perspectives about the situation on Maunakea with the broader astronomy community. Read on Maunakea Observatories website

Jan 9

Gemini: Cosmic Telescope Zooms in on the Beginning of Time

Observations from Gemini Observatory identify a key fingerprint of an extremely distant quasar, allowing astronomers to sample light emitted from the dawn of time. Astronomers happened upon this deep glimpse into space and time thanks to an unremarkable foreground galaxy acting as a gravitational lens, which magnified the quasar’s ancient light.

Nov 1

Gemini: Tiny Old Star Has Huge Impact

The new discovery is only 14% the size of the Sun and is the new record holder for the star with the smallest complement of heavy elements. It has about the same heavy element proportion as Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system. Credit: Kevin Schlaufman. Astronomers use the Gemini Observatory to investigate a […]